Is there anything more magical than the circus? It’s a place of pure fantasy and illusion. It enables us to lose ourselves, to be transported by mystery and stories from far-off places. And there is no animal more emblematic of the spirit of the circus than the elephant. Painted with intricate designs and ornate quilts, the elephant immediately signals that we are leaving the normal world behind and entering into the world of the unexpected.

Through a combination of paintings and photographs, “Postcards” aims to depict the timelessness and wonder of bazaars and big top shows. Utilizing a postcard surrealism, this project reimagines the very medium that used to announce the arrival of the circus.

Similar to a magic show, these photographs blur the lines between reality and fantasy, until the viewer isn’t exactly sure what’s real. While the circus is still around, it no longer holds the allure that it once did. Perhaps in the dreamy, whimsical setting of these pictures, viewers can rekindle the past one last time.

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Exhibitions & Awards

  • Exhibition at Pacific Art League (2017)

    Exhibition at Pacific Art League (2017)

  • "Circus" published by LensWork Magazine "Seeing in Sixes" (2017)

    "Circus" published by LensWork Magazine "Seeing in Sixes" (2017)

  • Exhibition CPA (Carmel 2017)

    Exhibition CPA (Carmel 2017)

  • Exhibition at Mundo's Cafe (2017)

    Exhibition at Mundo's Cafe (2017)

Limited Editions: 13x20" (15), 20x30" (7), 34x50" (3)

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