The elephant is one of the most enigmatic creatives in all of the animal kingdom. To some they are majestic creatures worthy of worship, to others merely beasts of burden. Regardless of human perception, they are incredible animals that are full of intelligence, empathy, and a genuine curiosity for the world.

“Life” is a photo series that attempts to showcase elephants in their totality — not just a small fraction to be misunderstood. Approaching this project with a painterly touch, I’m aiming to create vivid portraits of these animals as they navigate between freedom, domesticity, and destruction.

While I sought to capture these creatures’ lives as honestly as possible, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of regret in witnessing the increasing fragility of their ecosystem. In a way, this series aims to present the world as it should be, showcasing these animals in a world free of poaching, the ivory trade, and pollution. If human behaviors do not change, the future of elephants is bleak. But here, in the frozen moments of these photographs, their grace and spirit lives on forever.

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Exhibitions & Awards

Limited Editions: 13x20" (15), 20x30" (7), 34x50" (3)
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