Based on my physics background, interaction is a process by which elementary particles i

In school, I was educated to believe that almost everything is predictable. Perhaps that explains why as a photographer, I am drawn to moments of spontaneity, anticipation, and surprise. There is a certain aspect of romance to the unknown — a sense of electricity and the belief that anything is possible.

“Interactions” investigates the ever-fluctuating relationship between people and animals. Specifically zooming in on elephants — a creature that has been both worshiped and tormented by man — this series aims to explore the tension in these extremes. How can the same interaction conjure from so many different outcomes: love, tenderness, fear, anger, disgust, trust, and so much more?

Employing a sense of romanticism, I am striving to capture the poetic sensibilities between creatures. Though separated by language, these pictures attempt to bottle that transcendent, unspoken bond between living beings. The connection between man and beast will always be unpredictable, but “Interactions” shows us just how beautiful that synergy can be.

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Exhibitions & Awards

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  • Published in The Campanile (Stanford 2017)

    Published in The Campanile (Stanford 2017)

  • "Third Place Award at Pacific Art League (2017)

    "Third Place Award at Pacific Art League (2017)

Limited Editions: 13x20" (15), 20x30" (7), 34x50" (3)
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