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“I think beauty and grace are performed whether or not we sense them.

The least we can do is try to be there.”

From Annie Dillard book “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek”.

I had been longing for snow,

for childhood memories from my native Switzerland.

On a winter journey to Yosemite during a major snowstorm, I felt nostalgia.

I drew inspiration from familiar vistas and natural beauty

to interpret my surroundings with pure emotions,

sensually rather than literally.

Peaceful scenes of quiet and gentle snow

relayed the mystery and magic of the moment.

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Winter Reverie Brochure
Download Winter Reverie Brochure

Images available as limited Editions: 15"x20" (15), 20"x30" (7), 40"x60" (3)
Note:For special formats, images are printed to fit one of the dimensions. As examples, panoramic images are printed at W size and square images at the H size

Printing Process
Oliver Klink’s images are printed digitally using a special process called Piezography.
“Piezography is revolutionary and has, overnight, changed the history of photography. It is the answer to traditional photography’s toxic chemical heritage and is environmentally safe and sustainable. The print is as aesthetically beautiful as silver, and as archival. The control in the “lightroom” over tonal values is light-years beyond what we ever had in the ‘darkroom’.” - George DeWolfe

Piezography is the first fine-art archival black & white digital printing process which has a unique combination of surface reflection, high fidelity, and tone due to a proprietary pigment manufacturing process.
The fidelity of black & white images made with the nine shaded carbon and selenium inks combined with a proprietary profiling process produce enhance highlight and shadow details that exceed what is available using silver-based or platinum-based traditional darkroom processes.

The unique surface quality reflects light in a manner that suggests depth and is toned by the special mixture of Carbon, Selenium, Neutral, Warm Neutral or several SplitTone™ inksets.

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