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In the past 20 years, I was very fortunate to travel the world without "major restrictions". Yes, some countries had some strict visa requirement, some others were "unsafe", some were challenging to reach, but overall, I was able to photograph in 112 countries. You can imagine how many images I have accumulated and never even had a chance to enjoy. 

In January 2020, I made what it feels like my last "voyage" for a while due to the global Covid 19 pandemic. I led a workshop in Thailand to a remote village with over 300 elephants! That last trip was one of my most challenging from a logistic perspective. Just in a nick of time, my outbound flight, transiting thru Wuhan got cancelled. I was just a few days away from being "stuck" in the epicenter. Then I was in Bangkok, certainly not known for "social distancing" for a few days to recover from jetlag. I was relieved to leave Bangkok for the remote village, where I found some normalcy! I didn't escape the challenge of rebooking my inbound flight, as the US had started to close down its borders. For the first time in over 20 years, I had to book/rebook 4 tickets to get to Thailand and return to the US!

The good news is that I am safely home, "shelter at home", and reliving precious memories. looking at my over 1 million images library. My plan is to share on a regular basis a mini album (5-8 images) that retrace some of my incredible adventures.

Stay safe and healthy. And enjoy some of my memories.

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