2021-2022 Journey

Episode 7: Festivals

India, Italy, Thailand

Photographs are providing a rare glimpse of a particular second in time, which will never again be repeated. That said, photographers take great care to create the exact images they want their audiences to see, frame for esthetic and feel, and deliver a message.

Therefore, it is important to analyze photographs in order to identify the message the creator want their audience to understand. Many people assume that photographs are unbiased, accurate records of historical events. However, that is not always the case.

When I photographed the various festivals featured below, I looked for the ideal location where the background was integral to the image. Most important, I found places where other photographers were not there. And lastly I kept at it, observing, expecting the unexpected, and trying to capture the essence of the moment.

At the Theyyam Fire Ceremony, schedule was non existent. Every night I went out to find an event. Persistence paid off, as on my last day, one hour prior to departing for the airport, the magnificent performance was right before me. The burned smell was very unpleasant to nearby passengers on the plane.

To capture the Holi-Festival of Color, I sneaked in the temple 5 hours prior to the ceremony, hiding in a place where people would not be looking for me. I popped out at the right time and had the perfect angle of view.

Solving a puzzle of transportation, schedule, light, not getting lost, and crowd management got me to the ideal spot to witness the annual event in Venice.

The reward at the parade at the elephant village came after anticipating the route and following them returning home at the end of the parade.

Are you up for an amazing festival? Check out the largest elephant parade in the world happening next August.


All images are for sale either as Open Editions or Limited Editions: 13x20" (25), 20x30" (7), 
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Oliver Klink for pricing & availability, type of edition, and additional information. Refer the title of the image in your email.

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