2021-2022 Journey

Episode 2: Wild West

Western America

“You can learn a lot from real people who lived a hard live outside a company's corner office”. After reading leadership quotes from top military officers, I was thinking of how, when it comes to learning about success of various types, many of us default to looking at conventional figures. But there's a lot you can learn from dealing with life in a more basic way. And while some of these sayings may seem plain or even prosaic, there's a lot of subtlety with lessons for today.

My journey came to a screeching alt in 2020. I was traveling 7 months of the year, had photographed in 120 countries, but suddenly I was grounded. As Will Rogers said: "If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging." So, I bought an Off Grid Luxury Overlander RV and traveled the Wild West.

I took the roads less traveled, met interesting people, who gave me advice on what to see. The Overlander was a big door opener, as many bystanders thought that I was ready for the apocalypse.

In Ancient Greek history, apocalypse is a literary genre in which a supernatural being reveal cosmic mysteries or the future to a human intermediary. But it is also means of meditation, which include dreams, visions, ecstasy and inspiration.

It will take a while to digest what I learned in the Wild West. A new project is in the making, where magic, myth, fantasy, legacy, history will be displayed in a multi dimensional feel with audio, visual, and poetry.

Enjoy the Wild West … .

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