2021-2022 Journey

Episode 12: Diptychs

Multiple Locations

Diptychs are a set of two photos you can use to tell a story and emphasize context. The idea is to cleverly match images to reveal either a subtle idea, or possibly an obvious one.

One of the famous diptychs is from Steve McCurry – the Afghan Girl (Sharbat Gula, an Afghan refugee in Pakistan during the Soviet–Afghan War) photographed in 1984 . He returned 30 years later to create a diptych of his famous image.

What is remarkable is that he never forgot how the Afghan girl put him “on the map”, with one of the most famous portrait picture.

When I photographed my diptychs, I was intrigued by kids’ behaviors, and how if you let them loose they can express themselves. I wanted to experiment how you can capture “great expressions” from kids around the world. At first it was a random approach, watching the kids interact with each other. Then, I started to think about scenarios where the behavior could be compared. Each scene became repeatable (to a certain extent), where the kids would be “portrayed first in a formal pose” and then let loose so they could express themselves.

I also created some interesting pairing during the pandemic traveling to San Francisco.

Check out this link to view more Kids’ Expressions


All images are for sale either as Open Editions or Limited Editions: 13x20" (25), 20x30" (7), 
34x50" (3).

The Limited Editions are printed with a special process (I mix my own ink) and come with a certificate of authenticity. Check this link for pricing and description.

Open Editions start at $150 for a 8x10", and can be custom sized (as large as 42 inches in heigh).

Oliver Klink for pricing & availability, type of edition, and additional information. Refer the title of the image in your email.

Thank you for the continuous support.

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