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Who am I?

Before I found photography, I thought of myself as a Yosemite rock climber – bold, daring, top of the game, free spirit, “off the page”, and perhaps a little crazy. But rock climbing for me was all consuming and embedded in the very heart of my soul and perhaps my DNA. Even my kids thought of me as a rock climber not the rocket scientist that brought home the bacon.

Like all rock climbers, the day comes when you are no longer able to keep up the training pace and climb at a level that feeds your soul. Slowing down and eventually stopping left a huge hole in my heart. For years I anxiously searched for something to fill that hole --- sailboat racing and long distant trekking being top contenders.

Ten years ago, I took a trip to Africa with my first digital camera. Five thousand images later I was hooked on photography, enrolled in the Fine Art Photography program at Foothill College, and I’ve never looked back.

Photography has filled that hole more deeply than ever before, as being retired I no longer have to share my free time with bringing “home the bacon”. My kids now and grandkids today, think of me as a photographer and most importantly … do I!

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Carbon Transfer

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My volunteer work:

I’m a volunteer at PhotoCentral where I help out curating exhibits, hanging exhibits, printing work for other photographers, and occasionally helping with workshops. This is great experience, but the best part is seeing the work of other photographers who I would likely never bump into otherwise.

Now for the shameless advertising: If you haven’t seen our recent exhibit Kintsugi, I strongly recommend it. It will be up from 17 June – 17 August.

The opening was 17 June, but there is a gallery talk on 27 June at 7-9 pm.

Why do I want to join Lightworks?

Having viewed the group’s magCloud book, Lightworks 2017, I see a group dedicated to the art of photography and printing their work. This is must for me as I see the end game in my photographs as the print. I really like the fact that group only reviews prints.

The group has a diversion range of photographic interests and styles. Having multiple perspectives is a huge advantage for me in the review process.

Knowing two of the members, I would anticipate a lively discussion during print reviews which is also important to me. And I like meeting on a monthly basis – keeps a bit of pressure on. I believe this must be a very inspiring group.

Finally, I like the fact that the group as a whole has occasionally published or done an exhibit. I think this must strengthen the bonds within the group.

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What can I bring to the party?

As I mentioned in the introduction, I am dedicated to the art of photography in all its forms. I’m forever a student of the art. I bring my experience in the few alternative processes with which I have worked. And I have experience curating and reviewing but always learning more. I am a team player and actively support any group or organization I join.

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