"Frozen" by Oliver Klink

I like to photograph the time and the essence more than objects and specific facts.

When you go to the same place many times, you see the changes, the influence of the environment, the weather patterns. You find yourself surrounded by more than just attractive vistas. Images tell stories, hold history and have personalities. The locations become magical. It dares you to feel what is left unsaid, forcing you to imagine the sounds, the smells, and the total life of what was captured in the frame.

In my work I don’t seek to show the problems of the universe, I seek to find an ideal to go beyond. On the other hand, the established system urges us to do everything in less time. Time has been accelerated and therefore life has been reduced. In this sense, my work is an ode to contemplation, a stop to observe our environment and reflect on what we see.

When you see how imposing, or vulnerable, the world reveals itself to be, tiny shivers of wonder pulse down to every crevice of our being. It allows for a meditative moment, a chance to let your guard down and become aware that, in the scale of things you are just a tiny moment in a longstanding unwinding.

My learning experience is that our world is in constant change but slow changes. As human being we tend to forget when changes happen slowly. We get use to the situation. Taking a back seat and reflecting on what we have might well be a starting point for a brighter future. 

Untitled photo

Limited Editions: 13x20" (25), 22x32" (7), 42x52" (3)

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