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Wildlife Beyond Borders

From Beauty to Deeper Understanding

Hard cover, 212 pages (ISBN 978-1-943013-02-9)

Limited Edition of 200

Foreword by Geir Jordahl, From the Curator by Oliver Klink, Afterword by Wendy Winnsted Eleven artists (Diana Rebman, Susan Hillyard, Oliver Klink, Susan Carnahan, Mary Aiu, Mike Miller, Marian Davidson, Wendy Hannum, Jim Codington, Robin V. Robinson, Bruce Finocchio)

Published by True North Editions, 2015

Second Edition, All rights reserved

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WBB Book

1. From Above (© 2013)

Baby from Above

2. Out of Africa (© 2013)

Out of Africa

3. Hot Day (© 2014)

Hot Day

4. Crusted Earth (© 2014)

Crusted Earth
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