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Cultures in Transition - Spirit, Heart, Soul

Limited edition monograph (900 copies) -- Collector Edition Clamshell + Three Original Prints in Triptych Folio (100 copies)

Photographs by Oliver Klink

Essays by Anne Wilkes Tucker, Peter Finke and Geir Jordahl

True North Editions Publication - 2019. 168 pp., 12" x 13 1/4"

Publisher's Description Oliver Klink dreamt of becoming an explorer and for life to be an adventure. He wanted "to see how people lived on the other side of the earth." Perhaps this is common to all young boys; it certainly was with me. But dreams reside in all of us. They are often how we get through difficult times. They are also the seeds of growth and discovery. Klink's pictures are dreams manifest- they become representations of our past, present, and future. His photographs may be of exotic places and people, but that is not what they are about. Rather, they are about survival; they are about hope, they are about the Spirit, Heart, and Soul of us all. Ordering Information This item is currently not-yet-published, however you may place your order to reserve your copy as it is a limited edition monograph. 

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A Master Combination of Fine Art Images and a Captivating Children's Story.

Hard cover: 62 pages First Edition, July 2009

Photographs and Book Concept © 2009 Oliver Klink

English Text © 2009 Sandy Farley

French Translation © 2009 Catherine Klink

Cover Design © 2009 Julia Weber

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Wildlife Beyond Borders From Beauty to Deeper Understanding

Hard cover, 212 pages (ISBN 978-1-943013-02-9)

Limited Edition of 200 Foreword by Geir Jordahl, From the Curator by Oliver Klink, Afterword by Wendy Winnsted

Eleven artists (Diana Rebman, Susan Hillyard, Oliver Klink, Susan Carnahan, Mary Aiu, Mike Miller, Marian Davidson, Wendy Hannum, Jim Codington, Robin V. Robinson, Bruce Finocchio)

Published by True North Editions, 2015 Second Edition, All rights reserved


Comes with an original print (Click on the image on the left for more info)

WBB Book

Personal Best

Hard cover, 84 pages (ISBN 978-1-943013-01-19)

Limited Edition

Foreword by Oliver Klink

Published by True North Editions, 2017, All rights reserved


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