Imagine being there, in that moment, with that particular creature and the landscape merging into one exquisite whole. The animals are the subject, their natural world the frame.

I approach my subject as a painter with a camera instead of a brush; as a writer, to describe an unspoken feeling; as an artist to create a “dream scene” with poetry and beauty.

Life – As the World Should Be is about capturing portraits of animals, their soul, revealing their personality. The images are showing the animals in a State of Being. They are looking out at the world, perhaps scouting for predators, perhaps enjoying the view, bonding with their peers. They are conscious beings, capable of suffering or enjoying their lives in a fragile ecosystem.

When I am in a wilderness area, and especially if I am by myself, I so often experience a sense of awe at the beauty of creation, the sacredness of life. There is a division between myself and the subject, and yet I wish deeply that somehow there wouldn’t be. But I know, as we all must, that it is this division that has wreaked so much terror in the world of wildlife.

Their world is vanishing. Their survival and well-being might lead to a path of domestication. How tragic would it be if future generations gazed at the heart- breaking beauty of these portraits knowing that they would never see the animals “live”.

“I have great respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are only a part. When I look through the lens, I wait for the moment that the subject shows the connection to all existence. This isn't a picture of an animal, it's a portrait of their life” says Oliver Klink. You are about to enter a world of the imagination, where all the animals are real, fragile, and full of grace.

Exhibitions & Awards

Limited Editions: 13x20" (15), 22x32" (7), 42x52" (3)
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