Based on my physics background, interaction is a process by which elementary particles interact with each other to induce emission or absorption of one particle by another. The result is a known and repeatable outcome.

When I started to photograph “InterActions”, I was under the impression that my subjects would also display known behavior. At first it was – love, tenderness, fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, trust, anticipation and more. But what became powerful is the strength of these interactions. Spending time with my subjects, I could feel the depth of the moment.

“InterActions” took on new meanings where the outcomes were unknown, where energy reached “unexplainable” crescendos.

As in science, I repeated my experience multiple times, returning to meet my subjects, expecting a repeatable outcome. And I found a resounding difference:

“InterActions” was a continuum of action, response, and reaction. As time had passed, the subjects became more mature. “The decisive moments” reached new “highs” and “lows”. As a photographer, it became very clear that I had also grown and I now could embrace the fact that “InterActions” are non-repeatable and unexpected events.

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