Wanderlust - June 14 - July 15, 2017

Opening Reception: June 15 (6-9PM)

Dickerman Prints Gallery

1141 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 

Open weekdays 10AM - 6PM (Saturday 12PM - 6PM)


Wanderlust (n): a strong desire to travel

For some, wanderlust manifests itself as an unquenchable thirst to explore life beyond your comfort zone. For others, it’s as simple as reading a book, taking a walk at lunch or going left instead of a right on the way to work.

Wherever your wanderlust takes you - by foot, pedal, engine or “other” - we want to see it!

Group show featuring Al Brydon, Annie Wilson, Marcus Desieno, Erin Walker Anderson, Oliver Klink, Pete Rosos, Rebecca Martinez among others.

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