Reflect and Engage - June 3 - August 25, 2017

Opening Reception: June 3 (7-9PM)

The ImageFlow Gallery

401 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941

Open weekdays from 10AM - 6PM (415-388-3569)

The Image Flow proudly presents Reflect & Engage, a group exhibition featuring 36 artists examining themes of identity and engagement through digital photography.

The images in this exhibition are activated through the multidisciplinary pursuits and values of the artists who created them. These artists are not just photographers. They are sociologists and humanitarians, non-profit directors and journalists, environmental activists and defenders of peace. They are world travelers exploring the connection between ourselves, our immediate communities, and our larger global society.

Reflect & Engage is curated from nearly 250 submitted works from San Francisco Bay Area photographers, though many of them are of international origin. Hailing from Beijing, China, to northern England, Iceland, Germany, Italy, the U.S., and Communist Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) they embed their unique experiences and culturally diverse perspectives into their photography.

The exhibition features works by: Sue Amar, Lori Barra, Daniel Beck, Mary Butler, Bailey Chang, David Charnack, James Clift, John De Groot, Suzanne Engelberg, David Gardner, Ingeborg Gerdes, Stuart Goldstein, Charlotta María Hauksdóttir, Cary James, Tracy Johnston, Oliver Klink, Sam Levy, Stephanie Mackey, Deborah Martin, Michael Martin, Marissa McPeak, Michael Osborne, David Pace, Suzanne Paras Beard, Tim Porter, Mark Roudebush, Nicolò Sertorio, Iris Brito Stevens, Marti Stites, Jerry Takigawa, Brandon Tauszik, Barry Toranto, Michal Venera, Charles Versaggi, Nick Winkworth, and Xiao Xu.

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