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About Wildlife Beyond Borders

Wildlife Beyond Borders is a photography exhibition that shows animals in their natural state. By traveling the world, waiting patiently for the perfect moment, and extensively researching their subjects, the eleven Bay Area artists have created deeply felt photographs. Their images take us to a transcendent understanding moving beyond mere fascination to a level of personal understanding. This is essential to saving what could so easily be lost and inspiring all of us to work to preserve all life on our precious planet.

Wildlife species represented are gorillas, lemurs, horses, elephants, cranes, polar bears, harp seal, swans, song birds, underwater world, and more.

The exhibit is enabled with a technology called "Augmented Reality" to enhance the user experience. When the viewer point their smart device at an image, behind the scene stories created by the artist starts playing. The viewer gets to know the artist, listen to relevant messages related to conservation, and discover what it takes to be a wildlife photographer. The technology is free of charge an doesn’t require any setups.

The eleven artists exhibiting are:

Diana Rebman (Berkeley), Oliver Klink (Los Gatos), Susan Carnahan (Menlo Park), Mary Aiu (Fairfield), Mike Miller (Portola Valley), Marian Davidson (Portola Valley), Wendy Hannum (San Rafael), Robin V. Robinson (Carmel), Bruce Finocchio (Castro Valley), Susan Hillyard (Santa Cruz), Jim Codington (Sonoma).

Oliver Klink Curator of the group show

"Ultimately, Wildlife Beyond Borders is about showing animals in their natural state of being. The goal is to preserve this state for generations to come. By spending time in nature, learning about the environment, sharing awareness with our peers, we all contribute greatly to preserving what we have today for tomorrow", writes Oliver Klink.


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September 2 - October 27, 2016
Pacific Grove Art Center
Pacific Grove, California
Opening reception: Sept 2 (7-9PM)

Wildlife Beyond Borders Traveling Show
June 2 - August 5, 2016
Art Ark Gallery
San Jose, CA
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Wildlife Beyond Borders Traveling Show
April 15 - May 11, 2016
Keeble & Shuchat Gallery
Palo Alto, CA
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Wildlife Beyond Borders Grand Opening
Sep 24 - Dec 31, 2015
PhotoCentral Gallery
Hayward, CA
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Wildlife Beyond Borders Book Release
Sep 26, 2015
PhotoCentral Gallery
Hayward, CA
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