Spirit of the Village - Oliver Klink


What are the consequences of living in the modern world? For all its innovation, rapid change often comes at the cost of old-world customs, rituals and social relationships. This is especially true in Asia, where a search for new opportunities in urban areas has led to a mass exodus of the middle generation in rural communities. Those left behind are balancing a growing tension between the cultural diversity of the past and the homogenized present.

Villages are populated by those on opposite ends of the generational divide — grandparents and children. Many of the middle generation have gone to large cities for employment. The net result often creates a situation where those desperately looking to preserve tradition are caring for those most-willing to embrace change.

These photographs are an attempt to showcase village life in all its forms. The images are not meant as commentary but rather capture moments in a rapidly changing world. From a western perspective it may look like time stands still in these pictures, and it some ways it does, but below the surface there exists a struggle between old and new, tradition and modernity that ultimately must come into balance as villagers hold onto their old world culture while embracing the comforts of a modern world.


Exhibitions & Awards

  • Critical Mass Top 50 Exhibit (2017)

  • "ClampArt" exhibit Oliver Klink's work at AIPAD (2017)

  • Exhibit in Buenos Aires (2017)

  • "Consequences" Exhibited at BWGallerist (2017)

  • "Ancient Farming" receives People Choice Award by BW Magazine (2017)

  • "God's Rays" awarded by Black and White Magazine (2016)

  • "Ancient Farming" receives 2nd place at Spider Awards (2017)

  • "Ancient Farming" receives 2nd place at the Black and White Spider Awards (2017)

  • "Consequences" received honorable mention at Monovisions Award (2017)

  • Exhibit at Dickerman Gallery (2017)

  • Rfotofolio selects Oliver Klink as fine artist (2017)

  • Critical Mass Top 50 (2016)

  • "Herding Instinct" Selected as promo Image for Critical Mass (2016)

  • Daily Mail publishes "Consequences" Project, Christopher Wayne (2017)

  • My ModernMet publishes "Consequences" Project, Jessica Steward (2017)

  • People's Choice Award, BW Magazine (2016)

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